Ti Kallisti


Welcome! This website is about all things InfoSec, for example Write-Ups of HackTheBox machines or OverTheWire wargames. Information wants to be free - and so the aim of this site is to convey knowledge to information security enthusiasts and future hackers (while documenting my own way into this exciting field).

Why "Ti Kallisti"?

"Ti Kallisti" is the romanized version of a greek phrase meaning "to the fairest" or "for the most beautiful". In Greek mythology, there is the following story:

The gods were having a feast. Eris, being the goddess of strife, sought to make the event a bit more entertaining for herself. So she took a golden apple, wrote the above-mentioned phrase on it, and tossed it amidst the attendees. Now, each of the godesses Hera, Athena and Aphrodite claimed that the phrase would obviously mean them and so an argument among them broke out. That argument got ever more heated. The events that resulted from it eventually lead to the Trojan War, which in turn ended in the destruction of the city of Troy.

Now, there are many lessons to take away from this. That's why I think it's such a good story and why I choose the name of this website to be what it now is. Some of the lessons are:

And with that, I wish you happy hacking and Ewige Blumenkraft.