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HackTheBox Write-Ups

HackTheBox is a platform that offers tons of CTF boxes, information security challenges and even team-based hacker battles of attacking and defending. It's THE page to get practical, hands-on experience in information security, be it to better protect digital systems - or to more efficiently attack and exploit them. I have create Write-Ups for some of the boxes, they are listed below, with more recent ones at the top. I DO recommend however to first try these boxes for yourself, and only read the Write-Ups when you're stuck or once you've completed them - to get a better understanding of how the exploitation process works.

HackTheBox "Safe" Write-Up

This was an interesting one. It came with paths that are fairly uncommon in CTF machines, so I found it to be really enjoyable.
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HackTheBox "Devel" Write-Up

Another Windows Box, another lesson in "Patch your shit!"
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HackTheBox "Legacy" Write-Up

On my quest through the retired boxes of HackTheBox, the next adversary is "Legacy". If there were a moral to this box, it would be "Patch your shit!".
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HackTheBox "Lame" Write-Up

Okay, this is gonna be a quickie. But the box contains a lot of the concepts that are also important in more complex boxes or real-life scenarios.
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HackTheBox "Ellingson" Write-Up

Fans of Hacker Culture or those being part of it might smile at the title. The Box's name, of course, is a reference to the cult classic "Hackers" (I do recommend you watch it if you haven't already).
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HackTheBox "Vault" Write-Up

This was a fun one. To be honest, I even liked it more than my previous favorite, "Active". The "theme" of this box was tunneling, in the several forms it appears. SSH, VPN, Proxy. It was a great learning experience for me, I especially learned a lot about netcat and networking in general.
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HackTheBox "Waldo" Write-Up

Waldo is one of the easier machines on HackTheBox, and the vulnerabilities that we need to exploit are not necessarily representative of the real world. The way to "user" has an easier form of a common vulnerability, though, and the privilege escalation taught be about a tool I never used before, so I decided to make a Write-Up for this box.
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HackTheBox "Active" Write-Up

The "Active" box was one of my favorites so far. It featured some really good real-world examples plus, for me, as a Windows noob, it was a really good learning journey into the world of Windows hacking.
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