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OverTheWire Write-Ups

OverTheWire is a platform, somewhat similar to HackTheBox, that offers a lot of challgenes, teaching skills ranging from Linux basics to web and binary exploitation. What follows is a list of Write-Ups of these challenges, starting with the most recent ones. As always, I recommend approaching the challenges by yourself first, and only read the Write-Ups when you're getting stuck or after you've completed the challenges - to get a better understanding of why what you did worked. This - in my opinion - results in the best learning experience.

OverTheWire "Leviathan" Write-Up

The next installment in the OverTheWire wargame series, "Leviathan" expands upon "Bandit" in that it does not require any programming skills, but rather deals with Linux command line basics.
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OverTheWire "Bandit" Write-Up

The first set of challenges is called "Bandit", and it's more of an introduction to the Linux CLI than anything else. BUT, it's the first wargame there, so we might as well start with that.
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